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Hi, you have reached the site of a Freelance Graphic Designer, turn around now if you are looking for honey, Bee is my name ;-). The fact that I have an unfinished web site is actually a positive I am to busy designing everyone elses Web sites and have little time for my own, if you guys could just leave me alone for a month....JUST KIDDING!!!! Any way here are the essentials that you need to know;

Myself, the owner - Bee, started as a Graphic designer at an advertising agencey 8 years ago and made the decision to go solo after 3 years (yes, thats 5 years I've been freelancing...well done if you worked that out!) never looking back with no regrets at all! As a freelance designer there is not a lot I can't do, over the past 3 years I have taught myself web site design and improved my skills in Flash based knowledge whilst also gaining more and more experience in the print graphic design field. I have accumulated many loyal customers over the years who appreciate my design style and dedicated hard work.

I have a very unique designing style and being creative is part of who I am wheather I'm designing or writing music or just sitting on the couch...oh wait...I never just sit on the couch! I am very hard working and strive for the best results, always.

My biggest pet hate is "designers" and "web developers" who are ripping people off by taking advantace of their lack of knowledge of the web design industry (by no fault of their own - we cant all be masters of all trades!) - there are more affordable ways to build websites which I have been researching for the past 5 year and I think I have pretty much mastered that secret! So for affordable, professional web design you have found the right place!

Services include:

  • Graphic Design: Flyers, Logo designs, Stationery, Banners, Business cards, Stickers/signs, Brochures, Pamphlets, Booklets, Calendars name it, if it can be printed I can design it!

  • Web site Design: Custom designed HTML & Flash sites, Customized Wordpress & other application web sites including E-commerce - If you are looking for a unique or different original web site or an affordable alternative you are in the right place!

  • Linux Hosting: Hosting is cheap and Linux based, run by a small reliable hosting company - check them out if you don't beleive me - Linux Web - new site coming soon!!! go here in the mean time to order.

  • Multimedia: Flash Presentations for PC, Mac screening or Projectors, Online web banner advertising - Adobe Flash or Gif files. Online Video clips or website animated introductions...etc whatever really. If you can think of something, it can be done! Filming, editing, and TV/radio advertising can also be aranged through partner company Clearfusion. More>>

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